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Philips VisaPure

Product Code: SFB022

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➢ Radiant, youthful skin in two weeks
➢ More even skin tone: 81%  reported a more even skin tone
➢ Effective: 10 times more effective than cleansing by hand
➢ Deeper pore cleansing
➢ DualMotion technology
➢ Better absorption of skincare products: 88% experienced softer skin



Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush for Youthful Skin SC5265/12

Pure Radiance in 2 weeks, For Glowing, Youthful Skin

With VisaPure, the result is radiant, youthful skin. Click here to view a larger version.

If your skin is looking tired, dull and lifeless, then VisaPure can transform your skin in just 2 weeks. VisaPure not only does it cleanses, but massages and stimulates your skin to reveal a more radiant complexion. Unlike other cleansing brushes, VisaPure uses a DualMotion technology that both vibrates and rotates, giving a deep cleansing and micro exfoliation. The Sonic vibration works deep into the pores, breaking up impurities and make up, and the gentle rotation sweeps away all dull, lifeless skin cells from your complexion, improving its microcirculation. The result is radiant, youthful skin.

Radiant, youthful skin: 87 per cent of consumers experience more radiant, youthful skin in 2 weeks.

More even skin tone: 81 per cent reported a more even skin tone.

Deeper pore cleansing: 90 per cent reported that pores appear smaller, less prone to breakouts.

Better absorption of skincare products: 88 per cent experienced softer skin.

DualMotion technology: Vibrates - improving microcirculation and rotates - removing dirt and dead skin cells.

Effective: 10x more effective than cleansing by hand.

DualMotion Technology

VisaPure has been developed to give results, utilising DualMotion technology:
Motion 1 - Vibration: The brush emits a sonic vibration that loosens and breaks up impurities and make up, cleaning deep into the pores.
Motion 2 - Rotation: The gentle rotating action improves microcirculation and sweeps away dull, lifeless skin cells.

DualMotion vs Single Motion

Sonic Vibration Only

Used on its own, sonic vibration creates a buzzing sensation as it gently vibrates on the skin. But to really experience the benefits you need to manually move it in a gently circular motion to stimulate the skin and encourage the removal of impurities.

Rotation Action Only

The rotating action offers a massaging effect and a gentle exfoliation. But used as a single motion, a rotating brush head can drag and stretch the delicate skin on your face. But when the rotation is combined with a sonic vibration, the dragging effect is dissipated, so you experience the benefits without the negative effects.
VisaPure offers a cleansing action that is 10x more effective than normal cleansing. Click here to view a larger version.

Benefits of DualMotion Technology

Every day our skin accumulates a layer of dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues, which clog the pores and prevents the skin from breathing. In addition, this layer prevents the absorption of skin care products - resulting in a dull complexion and even blemishes. VisaPure's DualMotion technology offers a deep cleansing, resulting in a visibly younger, more radiant complexion. The vertical pulsating motion reaches into fine lines and pores, loosening dirt and impurities, offering a cleansing action that is 10x more effective than normal cleansing. The rotating action sweeps these residues away and offers a gentle stimulating massage, benefiting the skin's circulation, enabling improved absorption of skin care products.

VisaPure reaches all areas of the face with ease, even in places that are normally difficult to reach and the silky soft fibres of the brush are so gentle that on your skin that you can cleanse twice a day, for fast, visible results.



VisaPure is completely waterproof, so you can use it either at the sink or in the shower and make it part of your daily cleansing routine.

Skin Zone Timer

VisaPure has a built in 1 minute treatment timer, that has 20 second alerts for you to change cleansing zone. Zone 1: Forehead and nose. Zone 2: Right side of face. Zone 3: Left side of face.

Charging/Drying Stand

The stand elegantly complements the iconic design of the Philips VisaPure. It holds the brush, taking less space and letting air dry the used brush naturally. When connected, it fully charges the Philips VisaPure in 6 hours. Once fully charged, VisaPure will last for up to 30 treatments on a single charge, enough for 2 weeks twice daily use, or a full month of once a day use.

Different Brush Heads Available

Normal skin brush head: For daily use on all skin types (supplied). Sensitive skin brush head: Specifically designed for daily use on sensitive skin (available separately). Exfoliating brush head: to gently remove dull and dead skin cells (available separately). VisaPure brush heads are silky soft.

Box Contains

  • 1 x VisaPure
  • 1 x Brush head (normal brush)
  • 1 x Recharging stand

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