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Skin Doctors Hair No More System Pack

Product Code: SFB081

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Quickly & painlessly removes unwanted hair
Hair inhibitor spray helps slow down hair regrowth
Effective on thick, course hair
Great alternative to other hair removal treatments
Hair grows back lighter and sparser



Skin Doctors Hair No More System Pack

Skin Doctors Hair No More System Pack

Skin Doctors Hair No More System Pack is a long-term hair removal system that is completely pain free. It gently and painlessly removes unwanted hair in a matter of minutes and also prevents the hair from growing back. If used regularly, Hair No More™ Inhibitor Spray makes hair grow back sparser, finer and lighter than before, and in some cases the hair doesn’t grow back at all.

Direction for Use

Hair Removal Cream
1. Patch test 24 hours prior to first use.
2. Apply the cream in a thick layer evenly over the entire area to be treated. Leave on for 4-5 minutes and then
check a small area. When ready, remove with a spatula or damp cloth and rinse area.

Inhibitor Spray
1. Patch test 24 hours prior to first use.
2. Massage into area every day until growth slows down.
3. Maintain effects by using 2-4 times a week.

Active ingredients 

Hair No More Cream
Calcium Thioglycolate - depilatory action: efficiently dissolves the proteins of keratin in the hair

Inhibitor Spray
Salicylic Acid- (from willow bark) - acts as an antiseptic agent

Witch Hazel - helps in the healing of damaged skin. An excellent natural astringent giving skin a refreshed and smooth feeling.

Hypericum - this herb is also known to soothe the skin when used in a topical form, and when used with Witch Hazel they create a powerful but natural analgesic.

Hair No More™ system pack includes:

2 x 100ml hair no more removal cream

1 x 120ml hair no more inhibitor spray

How It Works ?

How To Use

Step 1-Fast, easy, pain-free hair removal cream only takes minutes to work. Blade free razor glides off the cream and hair- no pain, no nicks, no dryness!

Step 2- No More Hair Inhibitor Spray helps minimise hair regrowth. Any hair that does grow back appears softer and sparser than before.


How long will it take before I see results?
Hair No More depilates the hair melting it away within minutes, plus Inhibitor Spray helps to reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair. The results will vary depending on the hair thickness the quantity being removed, as well as how often Inhibitor Spray is applied.

How long will it take for the hair to grow back after using the Hair No More System?
The timeframe is very individual. To optimise the effect, the System should be used regularly.

Does Hair No More System have any side effects?
Not if used precisely as instructed. Otherwise, burning and irritation could occur.