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Beurer EM35 Abdominal Toning Belt

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➢ Universal measurements for stomach
➢ Belt comes with Velcro strap
➢ LCD display with clear symbols
➢ Five training programs about 22-31 minutes
➢ Countdown timer with remaining maturity

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Beurer - Abdominal Toning Belt - EM 35

➢ Accompanying training of the abdominal muscles, regeneration
➢ Easy to use
➢ Noticeable difference in a short time
➢ Flexible stomach belt with Velcro fastening
➢ Flexible stomach belt for waist sizes from 30 to max. 55 in (75 to max. 140 cm)
➢ Flexible ergonomic shape
➢ Nonwearing contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material
➢ Electrodes with water contact (no contact gel, no replacement)
➢ LCD with clear symbols
➢ 5 programs (22 to 31 minutes)
➢ Intensity adjustable from 0 to 40
➢ Countdown timer with remaining time
➢ Training memory function for continual training monitoring
➢ Safety switch-off

How It Works ?

How to Use abdominal toning belt

In the first week you should not use the abdominal toning belt more than once a day to allow your muscles to acclimatise slowly to the device. From then onwards you can train more frequently.

Note: To allow your muscles to recover, you should rest for at least 5 hours between training sessions. The intensity of training can be matched to your personal fitness level in this way. It is nonetheless re - commended to proceed through a program one step at a time. The programs A to E are coordinated so that your muscles are given sufficient time to adapt to more intensive training with each application. Pro - grams A to E differ in their frequency, period of the training pulses, pause between the training pulses. The device is set with a training plan so it works through the programs A to E and repeats each program a different number of times. You can select the program yourself however.