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Beurer FC100 Microdermabrasion System

Product Code: BEUFC100

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➢ The revitalising exfoliation gently removes excess skin particles.
➢ The device has three high-quality sapphire coated attachments
➢ Use the handy dermabrasion device in practical mains operation.
➢ The practical Profistation storage box has a mirror integrated
➢ The exfoliator is suitable for treating any skin type.
➢ The negative pressure massage promotes your blood circulation & stimulates cell renewal.

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Microdermabrasion is now indispensable in every beauty salon. It makes your skin feel more supple and gives you a more even, younger-looking complexion with its double effect. This professional unit makes easy and safe expert exfoliation possible at home.

➢ For professional facial exfoliation at home
➢ Double effect revitalising exfoliation gently removes excess skin cells and the activating vacuum massage promotes circulation and stimulates cell renewal
➢ 5 intensity levels to individually adjust to your skin type
➢ Illuminated open switch
➢ Indicator lamp
➢ 3 high-quality attachments with sapphire coating for smooth and effective exfoliation: fine attachment, coarse attachment, precision attachment
➢ Incl. 20 replacement filters
➢ With integrated mirror
➢ Mains operation