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HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion Rose Gold

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  • Enjoy proven results: Over 70% of women had firmer skin after just 3 weeks

  • Professional quality: Choose from 2 x salon grade diamond exfoliation tips, for normal and sensitive skin

  • Suitable for all skin types - 4 speed settings shown on the LED level indicator so you can adjust the treatment to suit your individual skin needs

  • Quick and easy - Only 5 minutes per treatment, for optimum results use 1-3 times a week on a regular basis

  • Confidence in quality: Piece of mind with our 1-year warranty

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Visible results in just 3 weeks.

Bringing treatments out of the salon and into your home is what we do best, and there’s no time like the present to revolutionise your skincare routine. The HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion is our handheld home microdermabrasion device. With a salon grade diamond tip and a beautiful rose gold finish, professional home microdermabrasion is designed to diminish wrinkles, reduce enlarged and oily pores, and revitalise your skin.

Radiance Microdermabrasion

Home Salon Deep Exfoliation.

Revolutionise your skincare with the HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion. Use salon grade exfoliation at home to diminish wrinkles, oily and enlarged pores, blackheads and acne scarring.

Salon Grade Exfoliation At Home

With a salon grade diamond tip and a beautiful rose gold finish, professional home microdermabrasion is designed to diminish wrinkles, reduce enlarged and oily pores, and revitalise your skin.

How Radiance Works

Acting a like a mini hoover, Radiance gives your skin a thorough spring clean. By innovating the professional salon technology for home use, Radiance is designed with a diamond encrusted tip to deeply exfoliate the epidermis whilst the gentle vacuum massage sucks away and filters the outer layer of dead skin cells.

How to use

For the best results, we recommend one five minute treatment up to three times a week using the Radiance Microdermabrasion on clean and dry skin. Use regularly (for at least 3 weeks) to enhance the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads and enlarged pores.

How it feels

By clearing away the dead skin, you can make way for fresh cells to grow, leaving you with a smooth and radiant complexion. Like any deep exfoliation, a good moisturiser after every treatment is a must to make way for firmer and hydrated skin.

For normal and sensitive skin types

There are two diamond encrusted tips to choose from, for normal and sensitive skin types. The silver feather and softer salon grade exfoliation head signals the sensitive tip for a gentler treatment.

home microdermabrasion

Removable and replaceable filters

The dead skin and debris from your epidermis is caught in the replaceable filter under the diamond tip. This is very easy to change and we recommend you do so every 1-2 treatments. In every kit, you’ll fully be equipped with 50 filters. To buy more, simply visit our HoMedics website.

exfoliation, home microdermabrasion

Cordless and rechargeable

One full charge will deliver up to 28 treatments of home microdermabrasion before you'll need to recharge it again. With a handy charging dock, you can keep your device upright and tidy between treatments. It's also perfect for popping in your suitcase to take with you on the go.

Improves overall skin texture
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Decreases the appearance of superficial pigmentation
Treats oily and enlarged pores
Decreases blackheads
Improves acne scarring


Cordless usage
Charging base
50 replacement filters
1-year warranty

How It Works ?

How does HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is a non surgical procedure which rejuvenates your skin by powerful mechanical exfoliation. It works by removing the uppermost layer of dead skin cells exposing the supple, glowing layer of skin underneath it.

HoMedics Radiance Diamond tip

Diamond tip

Normal and sensitive skin tips for effective exfoliation

HoMedics Radiance Vacuum Massage

Gentle vacuum massage

Removes dead cells and stimulates the new skin layer

Visible Results for HoMedics Radiance

Visible results

Skin looks healthier and feels smoother and firmer