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Rio Evolution IPL Hair Remover

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FREE Express Delivery in 2-4 days | 5% EXTRA Ciscount Code NEW2021
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Rio Evolution IPL Hair Remover

The EVOLUTION ™IPL HAIR REMOVER uses the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. Placed against the skin, gentle pulses of intense light are directed at the hair follicle to disable the hair root without affecting the surrounding area. The hair
follicle is disabled as a result of lasting damage to the hair root. Regular treatments result in permanent hair reduction. IPL is suitable for larger areas such as legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back and chest as well as certain areas of the face.

Rio Evolution IPL is clinically proven to remove hair safely and effectively at home. Placed against the skin, pulses of intense light are delivered directly to the hair follicle with enough energy to disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. IPL is fast, gentle and delivers permanent hair reduction.

Treatment is very quick, for example it only takes a couple of minutes to treat the underarm area. Periodic treatments every four to six weeks are required to ensure that there is no hair regrowth. It is ideal for fast and efficient long term hair removal, for use on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back., chest and certain areas of the face. leaving your skin beautifully smooth and without a hair in sight.

  • 50,000 flashes on level 1
  • Quick treatment time
  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Replaceable treatment bulb
  • Ideal for treating large areas of unwanted hair
  • 1-year warranty

Suitable Skin Types:

Not suitable for dark skin tones, for example, those of Afro-Caribbean, black African, Indian or Pakistani descent. Even if your skin tone appears to be suitable on the skin tone chart, do not use if close relations (parents/grandparents) have skin tones as described above. Not suitable for red, light blonde, grey or white hair.

 Skin Tone chart

Treatment Areas:IPL Hair Removal is suitable for use on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, chest and certain areas of the face.

Safety Features:

  • The unit must be unlocked using a key.
  • A security button sequence is required to activate the unit.
  • Your first treatment will always be on power level 1 and can only be increased by one level after a treatment is performed.
  • The wand features a bright orange light which will cause you to blink if pointed directly at the eye.
  • Treatment will only take place when all 4 skin sensors are in contact with the skin.
  • The bulb is shielded to avoid any risk of stray light.
  • The aperture includes a UV filter to reduce UV light exposure on the skin.
  • You will need to leave 5 seconds between treatment flashes to allow the unit to fully recharge.
  • Power can only be increased by one level per treatment flash.
  • The skin sensors must be lifted off the skin between treatments to reset the wand.
  • Treat each area only once in each session.

Not for use on or by children under 14 years old. Not for use on or by children between 14 and 17 years old without parental supervision.

Safe areas to use Rio IPL on the face


The Evolution IPL Hair Remover can be safely used on the face within the area illustrated by the white dotted line. Important: It should not be used around the eyes or on the lips. A white eyeliner pencil may also help by outlining areas to be treated.

More Information

How should I prepare my skin for IPL hair removal?
Ensure your skin is clean. IPL hair removal is most effective on pale skin. Sunbathing, use of sun beds and fake tanning should NOT be undertaken prior to treatment.

How should I prepare the hairs for IPL hair removal?
Shave the area to be treated. Minimising the length of the hair enables the light energy to go directly to the hair root and avoids hair burning on the surface of the skin.

What areas can I treat?
Most body hair can be removed using IPL - the most common areas are underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line. Certain areas of the face can be treated, but it should not be used around the eyes or the lips. Refer to ‘Facial Treatment’
section before using on the face.

What does it feel like?
Most people experience a warming of the skin. Slight irritation similar to that of a minor sunburn may be felt if used on too high a power level, or if the area has not been shaved. Men undergoing the procedure experience greater discomfort as male body hair is generally thicker than women’s, however the sensation quickly disappears.

Can I use IPL hair removal on sensitive skin?
Yes, the IPL reacts with the hair, so the surrounding skin should not be affected.

How will my skin appear after the treatment?
Usually there will be no perceptible change. A slight redness after treatment may occur, but will normally fade over 24 hours. There may be some localised redness around the hair follicle - this is quite normal. However, if any redness or inflammation remains after 24 hours this would indicate you have selected too high a power level for your skin type. Please refer to the ‘Patch Test’ section.

The unit does not appear to operate?
• Ensure the unit is plugged in and turned ON with the security key.
• Ensure there are no gaps. If incorrectly fitted, the unit will enter sleep mode. Correctly fit the treatment head, turn the unit OFF, wait 5 seconds and turn back ON to reset (see ‘Error Codes’ section).

How often should I repeat IPL hair removal treatment?
The timing for follow on treatments is not critical. We initially recommend treatments at 2 week intervals, although some people like to treat the area every week or even every other day to start with to clear any visible hair while others opt for just once a month.

Is there any aftercare routine I should follow?
If you wish, you can apply an unperfumed soothing lotion, an ice pack or wet towel to cool the treated areas, though we recommend not using soap on the treated areas for 24 hours. Take care to keep the treated area particularly clean for 3 days. When treating the underarms, avoid using antiperspirant deodorant for 2–3 days. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure for 48 hours.

How many treatments will I need?
Long term hair removal with IPL is generally considered to be effective after a minimum of six treatments over a period of 6 months. This varies from person to person and depends on the area you are treating. Dark hair on fair skin responds to IPL best, but both dark and fair hair may take several treatments for long-term results. Initially with each treatment you will notice a gradual thinning of hair in the treated area. To maintain hair free skin repeat the treatment every 4–6 weeks or as required.

Can I use other hair removal methods between treatments?
Because IPL treatment needs a hair to be present in the follicle, hair removal methods which pluck the hair, such as waxing, epilators and tweezing are NOT suitable for use between treatments. Bleaching hairs is also NOT suitable as it removes the pigment and renders IPL treatment ineffective. Shaving, micro-dermabrasion discs and cream depilatories are ideal for use between treatments.

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