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Remington MPT4000C REVEAL Beauty Trimmer

Product Code: S4B100

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RRP $62.37


  • Flex head with dual blades for precise detailing

  • Eyebrow comb with 2 length settings

  • Built-in light

  • Includes protective cap

  • Battery operated - 1x AAA included

  • Includes Precision Tweezers:

  • Built-in LED light to reveal even the finest hairs

  • Battery operated - 3x cell batteries included


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Reveal hair free skin you’ll feel great about with the Remington REVEAL™ Beauty Trimmer & Tweezer Kit. Get smooth skin and perfectly shaped brows thanks to this beauty secret.

There’s never been a more gentle way to remove facial hair. The flexible battery operated trimmer glides down the contours of your face and brows. The trimmer has two sides, with the smaller trimmer specially designed for more detailed and precise trimming like eyebrows. So now you can achieve flawless hair-free skin at home in seconds – and that means no more painful and embarrassing salon trips.

It’s compact and designed to fit easily into your makeup bag, and just as easily into your beauty routine.

Gorgeous Brows

These handy precision tweezers with a built-in LED light illuminate your face and reveal even the finest hair - perfect for those crucial finishing touches to your shape so you’ll never miss a hair.

Flawless Results

Your make up only looks as good as the base it’s put on, so use this beauty tool to create a smooth hair free base and sculpted eyebrows, leaving you with an enviously flawless finish – every girl will want to know your secret.