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Hairmax LASERBAND 41

Clinically Proven Hair Growth Laser Device. FDA Cleared* for Men & Women.

The New LaserBand 41 is designed for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use. The LaserBand, delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Working through the process of photo biostimulation, the LaserBand 41 stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth, reverse hair thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and help regrow hair!

Featuring an innovative Flex-fit band design, it adjusts to fit most head sizes comfortably. Lightweight and portable it allows for freedom of movement during treatment and while traveling. The LaserBand 41 incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair, creating a path for the laser light to reach your hair follicles to provide a highly effective treatment.

Use the LaserBand 41 as little as 3 minutes, 3 days a week to experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.

Laserband 41 Features

➢ 6 simple front-to-back gliding application
➢ Arched design to accommodate the contour of the scalp
➢Incorporates 41 medical grade lasers
➢ Uses patented hair parting teeth to ensure effective coverage
➢ All-in-one docking station for charging and storage
➢ Treatment time in 3 minutes at 3x per week

Laserband 41 Benefits

➢ 100% FDA cleared for both men and women
➢ Clinically proven and tested
➢ 90% of men and women increased hair count over 6 months
➢ Stimulates hair growth
➢ Increases hair density and fullness
➢ Reverses and restores thinning hair
➢ Revitalizes damaged hair


➢ HairMax LaserBand
➢ Rechargable Battery
➢ Power Cord
➢ User Manual
➢ Quick Start Guide
➢ 1-Year Warranty

More Information

Q. Who is a good candidate for treatment with a HairMax laser device?
The ideal candidate is one that has mild to moderate hair loss or thinning*, and wants to regrow lost hair, and help prevent further progression. It is best to start treatment at the first sign of hair loss, because the earlier you start, the better your results will be.

Q. How do the HairMax laser devices work to regrow hair?
HairMax laser devices utilise laser energy to stimulate the follicle to grow healthy new hair when you have androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness or thinning hair. The HairMax laser devices work directly on the hair follicle, to provide the energy needed to support healthy hair growth, by helping to increase blood circulation to the follicle, to increase circulation and remove waste products.

Q. Do the HairMax laser devices have to be cleaned?
HairMax laser devices may need to be cleaned from time to time to ensure maximum benefit. To clean the device, unplug it, then gently remove the teeth by pulling them straight out. Clean the window with a soft damp cloth and then replace the teeth. The device is now ready to be used.

Q. Do HairMax laser devices have to be used indefinitely?
HairMax laser device treatments have to be used on an indefinite basis to continue to see positive benefits. However, once you are satisfied with the results, you can try cutting back on treatments to twice a week, but if you experience any shedding, you will have to return to using the device 3 times a week. We do not recommend that you stop using the device altogether, because if you stop, your hair will return to the state it was in before you started treatment.

Q. How often do I have to use the HairMax laser devices?
HairMax laser device treatments only have to be used 3 times a week, such as every other day (for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for optimal results.

Q. Are the HairMax laser devices safe to use with other hair growth products?
HairMax laser devices are safe and gentle, and can be used with other hair growth products.

Q. Will HairMax laser devices work for me?
While results vary from individual to individual, over 90% of participants in the clinical trials regrew hair. Since we cannot predict individual results, we provide a 90 day money back guarantee (less a 20% restocking charge), so that you can judge results and decide if the device is working for you.

Q. Are there any side effects from using the HairMax laser devices and are they safe?
There have never been any reports of harmful side effects occurring from using the HairMax laser devices, in the past 15 years that the devices have been on the market, nor from the clinical trials.

Q. When I first started using a HairMax laser device I had some tingling and itching. Will this go away?
When you start treatment with a HairMax laser device, the follicle began receiving an increased blood flow, so you may experience some tingling or itching, which should disappear within 1 to 2 weeks of continued use.

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