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HoMedics Duo Pro

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➢ Glides like a shaver for fast full body treatment
➢ 5 energy settings adjust to your skin type
➢ Long life replaceable cartridge
➢ Fast treatment 86% of users notice results after just 5 weeks
➢ Quick treatment time smooth, wrinkle free skinin
➢ Small treatment window for hard to reach facial area

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HoMedics Duo Pro

HoMedics Duo Pro brings you two popular salon treatments in one easy to use device. Complete with two IPL cartridges for effective permanent hair reduction plus a skin rejuvenation cartridge for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Both treatments are quick and easy to carry out and are clinically proven to give excellent results. Cartridges are replaceable for extended product life.

➢ Two functions one device: the permanent reduction of unwanted hair and rejuvenation of facial skin
➢ Maximum versatility: two independent technologies to treat different body parts
➢ 2 replaceable cartridges epilation pre-loaded with 50,000 pulses.
➢ 1 Cartridge for photorejuvenation pre-loaded with 30,000 times.
➢ Skin Touch Sensor: ensures maximum safety and efficacy
➢ Skin Sensor: comfortable security indicator shows when the device is ready for treatment
➢ Big button for easy activation of the flash and more control
➢ Wide window of hair removal (3 cm2) cartridge also quick treatments on larger areas
➢ 5 levels of intensity: 3 levels with automatic flash (AFT - for large areas) and 2 levels with flash individually controllable (IPL - for the most difficult areas)
➢ It is advisable to select layers 4-5 to treat small areas and stubborn regrowth while preferring 1-2-3 levels to treat larger areas with regrowth less stubborn.
➢ Fits with skin type men and women I to V of the body that is on the face
➢ We do not recommend the use for treating light blond hair, gray, red or white

Hair removal - A broad-spectrum light pulse is converted into heat energy and causes the selective destruction of the hair follicle, without a ecting the surrounding biological structures.

Skin rejuvenation - The pulsed light stimulates fibroblasts by inducing the production of new collagen fibres that give tone to the skin smoothing out wrinkles and expression lines.

Glides like a shaver for fast full body treatment; 5 energy settings adjust to your skin type

Use on skin types 1-5. Compact and easy to use designPermanent Hair Reduction: Fast treatmen

86% of users notice results after just 5 weeks* * Clinical study of 51 subjects, 2015

Long life replaceable cartridge

2 Year Guarantee. Longlife replacement cartridges available

Box Contains

1 X Duo Pro Handheld Device

How It Works ?

Note : It is recommended to carry out the Spot test at least 48hrs prior to treatment to choose a safe treatment level for your skin.

Prior to use, make sure your skin is shaved, clean and dry (free of any residue such as powders, creams, makeup, antiperspirants or deodorants).

1. Having followed Duo set-up steps above, press the power button to turn on the device. The LED indicator for level 1 will illuminate.

2. The device sets itself on the lowest energy level. Use the power button to increase the energy level to reach the level determined in the spot test and according to your convenience. The energy level lights will light up blue (AFT)/white (IPL) according to the selected level.

3. Place the applicator treatment window on the required treatment area with full contact to the skin (the applicator will not trigger a pulse if there is not full skin contact and the green 'ready' indicator light will stop flashing but remain illuminated when the device is in good contact with the skin).

4. Dependent on the energy level selected the device can be used in two ways:

Freeglide method (AFT): This is the method used on energy levels 1-3. Hold the pulse button down continuously and slowly move the device over the skin maintaining constant contact. In this mode it is necessary to repeatedly pass the device over the same area up to 5 times to ensure maximum coverage N.B. The higher the level the slower you will need to glide the device. This is because the more energy
released, the slower the pulse rate.

Single shot method (IPL): This is the recommended method to use for high energy levels 4-5. With the treatment window in contact with the skin, press the trigger button and wait for the flash. Only shoot once before moving the device to the next treatment area ensuring there are no gaps or overlaps in the treated area. Wait for the status indicator LED to stop flashing (up to 3.5 seconds) before pressing the pulse button again.

During both treatment methods you will see a bright flash, hear a popping noise and may feel a mild stinging and/or heat sensation.

1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the chosen area has been treated. The product should not be used for more than 30 minutes at one time. After 30 minutes are up, switch the device off and unplug from the wall. NB: If the device is left on but not used for approximately 3 minutes it will
automatically switch itself off. If this has happened, press the power button to turn the device back on.


Does AFT/IPL actually work?
Yes, these technologies are proven to achieve long-term hair reduction results. The use of light energy hasbeen well documented for over 17 years in professional journals and by well-respected institutions.

Which body areas can the device be used on?
The device is designed to remove hair everywhere below the cheek line with the most commonly treatedareas being the legs, underarms, arms and bikini line. Men should not use the device for facial treatment.

Is the device safe for use?
The device has been tested and approved by dermatologists and physicians to meet the European safetystandards for a home use device. This electronic device must be used according to the instructions for useand user precautions.

What effect does the device have on different coloured hair?
Duo works best on dark hair or hair that contains more melanin. Brown and light brown hair will respondbut typically will require more treatment sessions. Red hair may show some response. White, grey orblond hair show limited response. Nevertheless, some users have noted hair reduction after multipletreatment sessions.


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