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Homedics Duo Salon - IPL Hair Removal System

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➢ The world’s first home IPL device with professional cooling
➢ Dual technology (IPL and AFT) to treat different areas of the body
➢ Treat legs, underarms and bikini line in under 30 minutes
➢ IPL and AFT FREEGLIDE in one beautifully smooth handheld device
➢ Perfect for reducing facial hair - includes facial adaptor
➢ Lifetime treatments - 500,000 pulse Quartz cartridge

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The fast, safe and pain-free IPL solution to long lasting hair reduction. Featuring the first Active Cooling Technology means you can be sure that every treatment is smoother and cooler than any other home IPL device you’ve seen before.

duo salon

Duo Salon gives you the power to fight back against unwanted hair growth. Intense Pulsed Light technology is a proven method used by professional salons to deliver long-lasting results, so you can minimise time spent on hair removal and maximise that satisfying smoothness.


The combination of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT FREEGLIDE™) in a single device means you can tackle the different types of hair found on the body. Every single hair on your body has its own growth cycle, the Dual Technology targets both the stubborn hair on your bikini line and underarms using highly powered single shot IPL treatments, and the rest of your body, simply glide over the skin surface like a shaver in AFT Freeglide™ mode.


Inspired by salon grade IPL devices used in beauty salons around the world, the Duo Salon is our fastest and most powerful home IPL device yet. It also features a unique Active Cooling Technology that soothes the skin, while heat generated by the light pulses is directed straight to the hair root. This makes sure every treatment is a cool and comfortable experience on your journey to long lasting hair reduction!

Duo Salon


The best results from IPL technology are determined by your skin tone and natural hair colour. The Duo Salon has five light settings to deliver gentle and effective treatments for a variety, however it is not effective on natural light-blonde, red, grey or white hair. It’s also not effective for very dark skin tones.

You can use the Duo Salon to treat unwanted hair all over the body. Using the five light settings to adjust the intensity of your treatments, you can use IPL technology to treat your legs, arms, bikini area, underarms and face.

Your Duo Salon vanity set is equipped with everything you need to make the most of your treatments. The facial attachment provides extra protection and maximum precision for treating unwanted hair around your cheeks, chin and upper lip.


Faster, Cooler and Smoother Than Ever Before

Duo Salon
Professional IPL Hair Removal.
The faster, smoother and cooler way to long-lasting hair removal.
Active Cooling - home IPL device with cooling technology.
Fortnightly IPL treatments designed to disable active hair follicles for permanent hair reduction.
Lifetime quartz lamp to deliver faster treatments at two flashes per second..
Effortlessly adapts to treat unwanted hairs on your face and body.
Includes beautiful vanity box to store and transport easily.

Feel the Difference
Time to say goodbye to stubbly regrowth and hello to salon smoothness. Duo Salon is the latest innovation in IPL hair reduction, IPL technology works by breaking the hair growth cycles, encouraging your hair to shed naturally and prevents hair re-growth. Leaving you with a smooth and hair-free feeling that lasts.

Active Cooling Technology
The home IPL device to feature professional cooling, just like they use in the salons. The Duo Salon's quartz glass lamp features a cooling function, so that as the IPL heat energy travels down into the hair follicles, your skin remains comfortably cool on the surface.

Ultra-fast Treatments
Delivering two flashes per second means the Duo Salon treatments are super quick and easy, you can treat your body in 20 minutes including: legs, arms, bikini line, underarms and face. We've reduced treatment times so you can spend less time on haircare and more time doing what you love

How It Works ?

Step 1: Preparation is Key

Designed for fortnightly treatments, the Duo Salon can be used immediately after shaving. If you prefer to wax or epilate, we recommend you wait up to two weeks before using your IPL device to ensure there is a hair to treat in the hair follicle.

Step 2: Choose an intensity level
Using our skin chart as your guide, choose one of five intensity level to ensure gentle yet effective treatments that are kind to your skin. Be sure to check intensity levels before switching from face to body treatments.

Step 3: IPL & AFT Freeglide

Place the Duo Salon treatment head to your skin and wait for the flashing light pulse to still. Slowly glide across the treatment area. Check your level before moving onto the next treatment area. Avoid treating the same spot multiple times.

Who Can Use Duo Salon?

IPL uses the hair pigment to attract light and the pigment of your skin tone to not attract light. This light travels down the hair follicle and heats the hair roots, causing them to enter a sleeping phase and encouraging the hair to shed naturally. For the best results, Duo Salon IPL works best on a combination of lighter skin tones and darker hair colours.


Do IPL treatments actually work?
Yes, IPL treatments are well tested and are proven to achieve long-term hair reduction results. Many studies have been documented by professional journals and by wellrespected institutions.

Is IPL safe?
Yes, IPL is a recognised safe treatment which has been used for many years in both salons and home use devices. Duo Salon has been clinically tested and meets all European safety standards for a home use device. As with all home-use devices, it is
essential to read and follow the instructions carefully to ensure safe use.

Which body areas can I treat?
The device is designed to remove hair everywhere below the cheek line with the most commonly treated areas being the legs, underarms, arms and bikini line. However, men are advised not use IPL hair removal on the face or neck. Nipples, areolae (around the nipple), the anus and genitals should be avoided.

Does it really matter what hair colour I have?
IPL treatments work best on black or dark brown hair as it’s the dark pigment in the hair that directs light energy to the follicle. It also works on brown, light brown / dark blonde hair, but may require more treatment sessions to achieve optimum results. IPL is not effective for red, white, grey or blond hair as there is insufficient pigment to direct the light energy.

Does it hurt?
When Duo Salon is used correctly, most users feel a slight mild stinging or/and heat sensation at the time of the pulse light similar to that of snapping an elastic band on the skin. This is a sign that the device is working. These sensations should quickly diminish after treatment.

When will I start to see results?
Results are not immediate. Typically within two weeks some hairs in the treated area will naturally shed. Other hairs which were not in their growth phase at the time of treatment will remain. These can be treated with subsequent sessions at 2 week intervals. With each session you can expect to notice less and less hair regrowth.

Will my hair grow back after a treatment?
Results are cumulative so you can expect to see less hairs growing back after each treatment. Successfully disabling hair follicles is dependent on the growth phase at the time of treatment, so a number of treatments over a period of time yield the most
effective results. The treated hairs do not grow back. However, certain conditions including natural ageing, hormonal changes and some medical conditions can induce new hair growth. Top up treatments can help to manage this.

How long after sun exposure can the device be used?
It is recommended to wait four weeks after unprotected sun exposure. Tanned skin contains more melanin that can increase the risk for adverse effects including burns and skin damage. To avoid these adverse effects it is important to allow sufficient time for melanin levels to subside after tanning.

Should I pull the hair out as part of or after the treatment sessions?
No, it’s best to allow the hair to shed naturally over the next couple of weeks. Wiping over the area with a wet flannel can help to remove shedding hairs.

Will the flash damage my eyes?
The flash is very bright like a camera flash and can cause temporary bright spots in the vision in a similar way to a camera flash. To help avoid this phenomenon we recommend to use Duo Salon in a well-lit room and to look away or close the eyes when the unit flashes. To avoid damaging the eyes, never look directly at the flash up close or operate the device near to the eyes (ie. above the line of the cheek bone).

Is long term use of the device dangerous for my skin?
IPL treatments have been well tested and documented for many years and no side-effects or damage from long term use have been reported in that time. There is no UV light emitted.

Can Duo Salon be used to remove facial hair such as chin hair?
Women can use the device below the cheek line, on the upper lip, cheek, jaw, chin and neck. Always use the facial adapter provided and do not use the device around your eyes. Men should not use the device for facial treatment.

Can men use Duo Salon?
Yes, Duo Salon is suitable for men to use for the removal of body hair. Because of varying growth cycles some areas, such as the chest, may require more sessions