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HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager

Product Code: SFB-GSM-1000H

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RRP $396.20


  • Gel massager nodes allows for a Natural Touch massage​

  • Two tracks for back and shoulder massage​

  • Both deep kneading Shiatsu massage and Rolling massage​

  • 3 Adjustable speed levels​

  • Heat Option​

  • Independent back and shoulder massage​

  • Programmable remote control with width adjustment​

  • Spot massage for focused relief

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Nothing beats the real hands of a massage therapist… or so we thought. The brand new HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager lets you prioritise your wellbeing, bringing relaxation out of the salon and into your home.


Soft yet firm, that’s how a real massage should feel. We’ve captured this real palm-like feel in our super soft Gel Massage Technology. The gel nodes rotate, knead and roll over tight muscles to release tension and help you unwind. Set into our revolutionary massage mechanism, this is relaxation that keeps on giving.

HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager features two dual mechanism zones to deliver shiatsu, rolling and targeted spot relief across the full length of your back, shoulders and neck. Using your programmed remote control, you can customise the zone, intensity, width and height of your massage experience. You can also choose to add soothing heat, penetrating warmth deep into tired muscles to help you unwind. The split zone design means you can enjoy a shoulder massage, a back massage or even better, enjoy both at the same time.

How It Works ?

By understanding your needs, HoMedics continually reinvest to make sure they offer customers technological advances in well-being products. The extensive range allows you to relax, renew your spirit and simplify your life. From spa treatments to massages, HoMedics provide you with products that help you create that extra special ‘me time’ needed to keep you free from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

At a Glance

Smooth like the hands of a massage therapist
Independent mechanism for simultaneous back and shoulder massage
Deep kneading Shiatsu massage relieves the tightest knots
Rolling massage with width adjust -- stretches and relaxes muscles
Programmable remote control with spot massage and width adjustment
Create your own oasis and learn to enjoy the art of relaxation. With life revolving at such a pace and pressures from both home and work, it has become harder to schedule time out just for you. Taking time to relax each day is important to help alleviate stress. But fitting in time for spa/salon treatments can just add to the pressure. By owning your own range of products, you can enjoy the flexibility of fitting your relaxation time around your busy day and in the ease and privacy of your own home.

Discover well-being through a HoMedics massage. The GSM-1000H offers Shiatsu and Gel massage: Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, invented in Japan using rhythmic finger pressure to stimulate ‘chi’ (vital energy), relieving stress and tension. Unique Technogel nodes provide a smooth, natural touch massage -- just like the hands of a massage therapist.

Shiatsu Programs

Choose from three pre-set programs where the Shiatsu massage travels up and down in a specific area of the back. You can select to work on your full back, upper back or lower back. The remote control offers three speed settings. To change the speed of the mechanism, press the '3 speed' button to change between low, medium and high settings.

Rolling Massage

The HoMedics 2-in-1 Gel Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion allows you to select rolling massage. Rolling is like two hands or thumbs working up and down your back. You can chose from three present programs where the rolling massage travels up and down a specific area of your back.

Add Heat

For soothing heat when your massage is taking place, simply press the heat button on the remote and the red LED light will illuminate. For safety, heat can only be turned on when the massage is taking place.

HoMedics aim to provide products to help customers maintain their health and well-being. HoMedics have a range of products that allow you to create a unique atmosphere and make sure that you maintain your health and your well-being.

IMPORTANT - Preparing the appliance for use

The Shiatsu Massager comes with a screw located on the back of the unit to protect the massage mechanism during shipment, which must be removed before the first use to allow the shiatsu feature to function. Use the provided Allen key. Then, properly dispose of the screw.Without removing the screw the massager will not move and will make noise.

Note: Please go through the instruction manual before using the item as per manufacturer's recommendation.



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