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HoMedics Soft Silk 3-in-1 Rechargeable Instant Pedi

Product Code: SFB-PED-1300
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  • 3-IN-1 Rechargeable Instant Pedicure

  • Rechargeable: 10' recharge -30' working time

  • Powerful 1600rpm motor for a professional pedicure

  • Ergonomic curved soft touch handle makes all areas easier to reach

  • Diamond crystals gently remove hard skin leaving feet softer

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The new Soft-as-Silk Rechargeable Instant Pedi from HoMedics Beauty is the smooth and simple way to clear up rough soles. With a powerful motor to tackle hard skin and a simple docking station to charge your pedi between uses.

Our new instant heel smoother uses diamond rollers to gently file away hard skin, with three rollers included to vary the intensity. Extra coarse and coarse rollers are great for tackling tough skin. We recommend that you begin with the coarsest, then as your hard skin softens, switch to the finer roller - it’s kinder for more sensitive areas like beneath the toes and inner sole.

The Soft as Silk has variable speed settings, the simple switch slows down and speeds up your handheld pedicure device for steady treatments and ultimate control.

HoMedics Soft-as-Silk Rechargeable Pedi

Including Three Diamond Crystal Rollers

Our feet do a great job of keeping us on our toes. So it’s only right to show them some love in return with our new HoMedics Soft-as-Silk 3-in-1 Rechargeable Instant Pedi. These days, life just seems so busy. All the while, that padded layer of thick skin on the soles of our feet can quickly become dry, rough and even cracked from pressure and ill fitted shoes.

Includes 3x diamond crystal rollers gently remove hard skin for soft and smoother feet
Powerful motor for effective performance
Curvy and ergonomic shape for easy one-handed operation
Precise cleaning brush for roller maintenance
Two speed settings for comfort and precision
Rechargeable for up to 90 minutes cordless use

How It Works ?

Intensity Control

Some areas of your feet are more sensitive than others, so we’ve included three types of rollers for you to choose from: coarse, extra coarse and fine. You can control the intensity and speed of the rollers using the simple switch to high speed or low speed depending on the area you’re working on.

Rechargeable Storage Unit

Sleek and compact. the Soft-as-Silk docking station means you can tidiy away your callous remover and spare rollers whilst also recharging for your next treatment. One full charge gives you 90 minutes of cordless sole smoothing.

Easy To Grip, Easy To Control

The best way to remove hard skin on your feet at home is to regularly use a simple handheld pedicure device like the Soft-as-Silk Pedi. Our removable, replaceable micro pedi rollers simply lock into place and the handle is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your hand for a sturdy grip and total control of the coarse roller.

Diamond Rollers

Diamond crystals are ‘rock’ hard, one of the hardest materials in the world. Which makes their granulated form we’ve equipped our rollers with, perfect for tackling rough and hard skin. And it’s not very often you can say you’re treating your skin with diamonds, is it?

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