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Homedics Elle Macpherson The Body Cellulite Massager with Heat 3 Attachments

Product Code: S4B-CELL-100-EU
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➢ 3 attachments to target different areas of the body
➢ Variable Intensity Massage
➢ Help shape, firm and smooth treatment area
➢ Stimulate circulation and help to break down cellulite
➢ Promote lymphatic drainage and invigorate connective tissue

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Homedics Elle Macpherson The Body Cellulite Massager with Heat 3 Attachments

An invigorating body massage can do wonders for the mind and body. Long after the stressful situation has passed, we may often still struggle to relax our muscles. Keeping a massager at home is perfect for releasing stress and with the HoMedics Spa Cellulite Massager, you can now loosen those tight muscles with ease! This form of massage can help to tauten the skin and improve its appearance when used daily and over a long period of time.

Ergonomic Design
The HoMedics Spa Cellulite Massage is ergonomically designed. It's light weight, has a comfortable grip which fits the palm of your hand and includes an elasticated strap to make it easy to hold.

Massage with Heat
The HoMedics Spa Cellulite Massager with Heat works to stimulate circulation to help break down cellulite, it also promotes blood flow, improves micro circulation and skin nutrition.

3 Massage Attachments
This product comes with 3 attachments - the dome attachment, small cellulite and large cellulite attachments. These help shape, firm and smooth treatment areas including arms, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks and legs.