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TANDA Me Touch IPL 300,000

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Clinically tested and approved by FDA
Most effective - up to 89% hair reduction after only 4 treatments
Suitable for use on the widest range of skin types
Easy to use, just a continuous gliding motion
No need to apply gel on the skin prior to treatment
The only home use hair reduction system powered by elōs technology

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Tanda mē my elōs  Touch Hair Removal

With 300,000 Flashes


me touch 300k

What is mē?
TANDA me Touch is the fastest way to permanent hair reduction. Suitable for ALL skin tones (type I-IV on the face) and supplied with a long-life 300,000 pulse elōs™ cartridge, mē™ TANDA me Touch safely provides permanent professional results in your own home at a fraction of the cost of salon treatments.

What is elōs?
elōs is the technology that powers mē. elōs provides greater levels of efficacy, superior levels of safety and user comfort, as well as far shorter treatment times versus IPL and laser.

About mē my elōs Touch
All Features
me touch 300k

Hair removal for home use with an amazing and outstanding 300,000 pulses.

It will last for years of full body treatments.

Me My Elos Touch hair removal device can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home or while traveling.

This kit contains the device with a 300,000 pulses built in quartz lamp and a FREE Precision Adapter.

Precision adapter helps you control the precise location and pulse of each flash instead of the lamp flashing away bigger areas.

Me My Elos removes hair from your whole body including legs, face, chest and underarms.

It reduces the amount of hair by 89% at least, so, after only 6-7 treatments of using the device, there will be an amazing reduction in hair growth.

me touch 300k

 mē offers the option of a shaving attachment to create a dual action device.

 A mē cartridge is simple to replace and the new cartridge will provide a further 100,000-120,000 flashes. (TANDA me Touch offers the option of an epilator or shaver attachment to create a dual action device (attachment sold separately)

 The display panel includes a percentage indicator to show the amount of pulses remaining in the mē cartridge

 There are three different elōs levels to allow you to adjust the level of intensity to suit your skin, ensuring maximum levels of comfort and efficacy during use.

Skin Tone

me touch 300k


Plan Treatments Of Each Area

me touch 300k


Treatments Duration

me touch 300k

What's in the box

► me Touch unit with 300,000 Flashes
► 1 year warranty
► Power Cord
► Face Attachment
► User Manual

How It Works ?

How To Use

Step 1: preparing for mē Remove hair in the area you intend to treat (or alternatively, use the dedicated mē epilator/ shaver accessories).

Step 2: skin sensitivity test Before using the system for the first time, choose a small area close to the area you intend to treat, for the purpose of performing a skin sensitivity test . Follow the treatment instructions below . After the skin test, wait 30 minutes and check your skin for any reaction . If the skin appears normal and there is no redness or other skin reaction, then you are ready to perform a full treatment to the rest of the body area. Choose the elōs setting that did not result in any reaction when performing a complete treatment .

Step 3: treating with mē


1. Press the power button on the base unit to turn the system on .
2. Press the elōs button on the base and select the appropriate elōs level (Low- Medium- or High). It is recommended to start with Low level, and if you feel comfortable, chose a higher elōs level.
3. If you use the designated shaver/ epilator, connect it instead of the protective cap and press the accessory button on the control panel once to run the epilator mechanism at low speed . If desired, press it again to run the epilator at high speed .
4. Press the elōs activation button on the applicator.
5. Place the applicator on the area you want to treat, ensuring full contact of the two silver RF delivery bars with the skin . Do not press, just gently touch the skin . System will start emitting elōs pulses.
6. Glide the applicator slowly and continuously on the treatment area without stopping in one place .
Do not return to the same spot for at least 10 seconds.


Removing unwanted hair from the face is very different from removing unwanted hair from the body . Please read the user guide thoroughly before starting to remove facial hair with your mē. When treating facial hair, it is recommended to use the face adaptor.
The face adaptor has been designed to accommodate smaller and more delicate treatment areas on the face . It delivers energy in single pulse mode at the desired energy level .


Technical Specifications

Cartridge Lamp
High Performance Lamp
Delivers 300,000 light pulses
Product Included
Me Touch 300,000 IPL
Power Cable
Multi voltage Power Cable
Instructions for use
User manual
Precision/Face attachment
Application areas
Face Areas
Face (Female only below the cheek bone)
Body areas
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Belly
  • Bikini
  • Underarms
100-240 V ( Suitable to use anywhere in the world )
Body attachment
For use on body area
Precision attachment
For use on Face area(Female only below the cheek bone)
Energy Levels
3 Light intensity button with indicator light
Max Optical
4 J/cm2
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Conducted RF
5 J/cm2
Flash Mode
Slide and Glide mode, continuous operation (1 pulse every 0.9 second)
Suitable For
Hair Colour/Skin Tone
Unisex - me is intended for use on the body and face on ALL skin tones (skin color you are born with)
1 year warranty



Simply, how does the mē my elōs hair-removal system work?
The me my elos system uses elōs technology to send two pulses to your hair follicles. First, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) warms the hair follicle, then a Radio Frequency (RF) destabilises it, giving you smoother skin.

How safe is the mē my elōs treatment?
The me my elos system combines gentle Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) pulses, has a lower energy output and the highest levels of comfort. It is clinically proven to be safe for use on a wide range of skin types (Fitzpatrick scale 1 - 5)

When can I expect to see results?
To get the best results and smoother skin, we advise four hair treatments with intervals of a fortnight. Treat every area and keep an eye on your body's reaction. Over time, you will not need to treat with the same frequency. Eventually hair re-growth will be permanently reduced.

I used mē my elōs last week: Why do I see hair?
Sometimes, as the hair shaft is released from the skin, the hair is still attached. This is part of the hair-reduction process and nothing to worry about. Alternatively, your hair may still be growing. Remember to treat the whole area comprehensively.

How do you notice the hair has fallen out?
Unless you are accompanying the me my elos system with an epilator, you may not notice hair loss immediately. Users are typlically aware of hair loss a week or so after their first treatment.

Are any preparations required prior to treatment?
There is no need for wax, gels or creams, if you are not using the me my elos shaver/epilator you will need to shave the treatment area. The me my elos system can be used as an "all-in-one" technology. Think of the epilator/shaver as an immediate solution and our IPL/RF technology as a permanent solution for reduction.

Are there any side effects to using mē my elōs?
All hair-removal will create minor redness/irritation. This is completely normal. However, if this persists, consult a qualified doctor.

Can I use mē my elōs anywhere on my body?
The me my elos hair-removal system can be safely used on arm hair, legs, underarm hair, bikini line, chest, abdomen and back by skin types 1-5 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Skin tones 1-3 can use me my elos on their face below the cheekbones (including the moustache area). Always use the supplied facial kit, read the instructions and do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

How do I select the right elōs level?
Just check the skin types table included. If the treatment feels uncomfortable, reduce the elōs level.

Is the mē my elōs system for men too?
Yes me my elos is safe and effective for both men and women. It is not suitable for use around the eyes or for removing male facial hair.

Does using mē my elōs hurt?
Assuming the correct elōs level was chosen for your skin tone and the instructions were followed, using me my elos should not be painful. Sometimes a sensation of warmness or a tickle may be felt.

Do I need to do anything after treatment?
There's nothing you have to do after you've used me my elos though you may wish to moisturise your skin.

Should I wear eye protection when using mē my elōs?
The gentle light flash means you do not need to wear eye protection when using me my elos below your neckline. When treating your face you should wear the protective eyewear provided.

Is there a recommended minimum age for using mē my elōs?
Yes, the me my elos system is only suitable for use over the age of 12. Adult supervision is recommended for those under the age of 18

Can mē my elōs be used if I have psoriasis, acne, varicose veins or eczema?
No, it is advisable to avoid all areas affected by these conditions.

Should I take precautions when treating areas with moles, scars or birthmarks?
Yes, these areas should not be treated. Avoid moles, scars and birthmarks completely, or cover them with a plaster or use a white eyeliner to conceal the area of skin.

What happens when my mē my elōs cartridge runs out?
The cartridges are easily available from our Website.


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