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No!No Wet and Dry Epilator Cordless

Product Code: S4B-NONO-Epilator

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➢ Precise & Effective Hair Removal
➢ 3 In 1 Multifunctional
➢ Portable & Waterproof Saves Time
➢ Reduce Hair Re-growth
➢ Safe & Easy To Use

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The No!No! EPILATOR glides effortlessly along the contours of your body to closely grip unwanted body hair. Designed for a comfortable epilation experience to efficiently remove even the finest hair at home. No!No! EPILATOR is the ultimate at-home solution for effectively removing hairs straight from the root.
A perfect Wet & Dry rechargeable Epilator with 32 Perfect-Grip tweezers that efficiently removes hair as fine as a grain of sand and also can convert to an electric shaver.
The Epilator features 2 different speed settings, light indicator, rechargeable battery (with up to 40 minutes of cordless charge), and  shaver heads.

Box  includes:
➢ No!No! Epilator
➢ 32 Tweezer heads
➢ 16 Tweezer efficiency cap
➢ Shaver head
➢ Storage cap
➢ Power supply
➢ Cleaning brush
➢ Getting started guide



How It Works ?

How to use
1. Charge the Epilator for 1 hour before first use.
2. Switch on by rotating the control dial to the ‘I’ position.
3. Pull your skin taut with one hand to ensure each hair is upright.
4. Glide the Epilator on your skin at a 90° angle.

1. Before first use you should charge the appliance for 1 hour.
2. Connect the small plug of the power supply into the 2-pin socket at the bottom of the appliance (it is designed to only fit one way round) and insert the 3-pin plug into the wall socket.
3. The charging indicator glows red when the appliance is being charged.
4. The charging indicator glows green when the appliance is fully charged.
5. Do not operate the appliance when charging.
6. If the speed of the appliance starts to lose speed, this is a sign that it needs to be recharged.
Note: If the appliance is charged more than 10 hours frequently, the battery capacity will be reduced. Before travelling, charge the appliance fully if you will not be taking the power supply with you.

1. Ensure your skin is clean, dry and lotion free. Use in a location that has a comfortable temperature to avoid perspiration.
2. Turn on the appliance by rotating the control dial  clockwise to select the desired speed setting. Push the dial forward one position for speed one (I) or forward again for speed two (II). For your protection, the appliance may slow down or stop completely if pressed too hard against the skin. For sensitive and hard to reach areas such as underarm, knees and bikini line, use speed one (I) . For larger areas such as legs, use speed two (II) for best results.
3. The spot light  will illuminate to help reveal even the finest hair when epilating in hard to view areas such as the underarm or behind the knee.
4. Gently rub the skin, then pull your skin taut to help lift short hairs.
5. Glide the appliance slowly over your skin at a 90° angle and use short, quick, gentle brush like sweeping motions in the direction of hair growth. 6. To minimise discomfort, hold the skin taut surrounding the area you are removing hair from. Do not apply pressure, just glide the appliance over the surface of the skin.
7. Hair can grow in different directions. Guide the appliance in different directions to achieve best results. When epilating is complete switch off by rotating the control dial anti-clockwise to the (0) position.


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