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No!No! Pivot Hair Remover

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➢ Pain-free Hair Removal
➢ Perfect For Travel
➢ Longterm Results
➢ Works For All Hair Types
➢ Patented Technology

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The No!No! Pivot is the latest, most advanced addition to the no!no! hair removal product line. no!no! devices are compact, battery operated devices that provide hassle-free, zero-pain hair removal treatments, at home or on the go. The Pivots design puts great emphasis on ergonomics. Its unique form is perfect to hold and its clear, minimalistic display shines through its body seamlessly. The Pivots Gyro Head mechanism ensures that regardless of how curvy the treated area is, the Thermicon tip is always adjacent to the body, thus eliminating the chance for incorrect use, improving precision, shortening treatment time and leading to a consistent experience with silky smooth results.

PIVOT dynamically and intuitively adapts to the minor contours of the body for a more efficient hair removal treatment for the face and body. Using Flexible Pivot Technology, Pulsed Thermicon® Technology and Dynamic Speed Control for a simple, painless hair removal treatment that over time, can reduce hair regrowth for weeks of long-lasting, professional results.

➢ Facial Hair
➢ Body Hair
➢ All Skin Types
➢ All Hair Colors

Box Include :
➢ No!No! Pivot
➢ Face Pivot Tip
➢ Narrow Pivot Tip
➢ Hair Lifter Pivot Tip
➢ Buffer
➢ Cleaning Brush
➢ Charger
➢ Getting Started Guide


What's the difference between no!no!® Pivot and professional salon or spa treatments? i.e waxing, electrolysis or laser?
no!no!® is pain free
no!no!® costs less
no!no!® does not use light as laser and IPL treatments do. Therefore, it is safe and effective for all complexions and hair colors.
Unlike electrolysis, no!no!® treats more than one hair at a time.
No cooling gels
Safe for all skin types
Effective on all hair colors
What's the difference between no!no!® Pivot and previous no!no!® models?
no!no!® Pivot was designed to be more user-friendly than the previous models. With the addition of the Pivot Mechanism, no!no!®  Pivot can adapt to the curvy contours of the body for maximum convenience. In addition to this, no!no!®  Pivot has dynamic speed control, which automatically increases or decreases energy output based upon the detected gliding speed upon the skin. Along with its more user-friendly features, no!no!® Pivot also has five treatment levels for a wider range of comfort during use.
Does no!no!® Pivot use the same tips as the no!no!® Pro?
no!no!® Pivot does use the same narrow and wide Thermicon™ Tips as no!no!®  Pro. However, no!no!®  Pivot comes with an additional tip designed specifically to work on the face.
When should I charge my no!no!® Pivot?
Charge your no!no!® Pivot completely before using it for the first time. This should take about 4-6 hours. After the initial charge, your no!no!®  Pivot will signify when it needs to be charged. Check your status screen. Recharging is necessary when the empty battery icon is visible and/or the red signal light flickers.
Can I use no!no!® Pivot while it is charging?
Before the first use, we suggest allowing a full 4-6 hours for no!no!®  Pivot to charge. After the initial charge, you may use no!no!® while it is plugged in.
Where can I use the no!no!® Pivot?
You can use no!no!® Pivot everywhere except genitals, breasts and eyebrows. With the addition of the new pivoting head, you can now use the device more efficiently in difficult areas, such as armpits and legs.
What preparation is necessary before I use no!no!® Pivot?
Preparation is easy. Just make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before you begin treatment.
Is it ok to use lotion directly after a no!no!® Pivot treatment?
We recommend using an alcohol-free, moisturizing lotion directly after treatment, such as no!no!® Smooth, after treatment.
How often should I use no!no!® Pivot?
We recommend using no!no!® Pivot at least 2-3 times per week for the first few months. Afterwards, you will only need to use no!no!® occasionally to maintain the results.
Can guys use no!no!® Pivot?
Absolutey! no!no!® Pivot can be used by both men and women.
Does no!no!® Pivot work on coarse or thick hair?
no!no!® Pivot works just as well on thick, coarse hair as it does on thin hair. However, because of the nature of coarse hair, results may take a bit longer to become noticeable.
Does no!no!® Pivot hurt?
You should feel a bit of a warming sensation as no!no!®  Pivot glides along your skin, however, this is completely painless.
Can I use no!no!® Pivot while pregnant?
We recommend that you do not use no!no!®, Pivot while pregnant.
Are there any side effects like bumps, pimples or redness?
Studies have shown no lasting side effects, like bumps and pimples, associated with the proper use of no!no!®. However, Thermicon™ technology uses heat, and in some cases, sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. Applying lotions like no!no!® Smooth after a treatment will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.


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