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Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner

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  • An electronic pelvic toner designed just for men.

  • 8 ALL NEW clinically proven programmes, designed to strengthen and invigorate your pelvic floor.

  • The only electronic pelvic floor toner which can be used with skin electrodes or an anal probe.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor to stop leaks, uncontrollable wind, and achieve a more satisfying erection.

  • Made in Britain.

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Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner

Many men don’t realise that they have a pelvic floor, often leaving it neglected. However, it is essential for your posture, the function of your bladder and bowel, and the strength of your erections. Like any other muscle, over time the muscles of the pelvic floor weaken. If you are overweight, have a job where you are constantly on your feet, or carry heavy weight (for work or for exercise), your pelvic floor is even more likely to be weak. Leaving you vulnerable to developing a pelvic floor disorder.



What’s included in the Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner set?
1.    V for Men Unit
2.    9 volt Battery
3.    Exercise Gel Sachet 5ml
4.    Instruction manual
5.    Skin Electrodes
6.    Quick Start Guide
7.    Kegel8 Slim Anal Probe
8.    Lead wires

How It Works ?

How does the Kegel8 V For Men work?

Few people remember to manually exercise their pelvic floor each day, and almost 50% of those that do, do so incorrectly. The Kegel8 V For Men takes this worry away from you. Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to workout your pelvic floor whilst you relax. The Kegel8 V For Men stimulates 90% of the pelvic floor muscles, in comparison to only 40% stimulated when completing good manual exercises. Meaning that by doing just one session a day, even the weakest pelvic floors will be stronger within just 12 weeks.

Simply insert the anal probe, or place the skin electrodes between your anus and scrotum, before starting the programme that best suits your needs.


Is the Kegel8 V For Men right for me?

Like any other muscle, if you don’t exercise your pelvic floor muscles, or you exercise them incorrectly, they will become weak and unable to support you. Even if you do not currently suffer with a pelvic floor disorder, your risk increases as you get older due to the natural weakening of your pelvic floor. Bladder weakness is the leading cause for older individuals to be placed into care homes. Just one reason why taking care of your pelvic floor should be as important to you as taking care of your teeth.

There are some situations in which you should consult a medical professional before using an electronic pelvic toner:

  • If you have certain pacemakers fitted – Check with your healthcare provider to ensure your pacemaker will not be interfered with by the NMES used by the Kegel8 V For Men.
  • If you are currently being treated for cancer – There have been no studies specifically into the safety of using NMES whilst undergoing treatment for cancer. Therefore, Kegel8 do not advise using any device which uses electrical stimulation if you are being treated for cancer.