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Slendertone Women's Bottom Toner with Controller

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Our Bottom Toner is clinically proven to tone, firm and lift your bottom area from 6 weeks. It features 4 Toning plans to train all your glutes (maximus, medius and minimus) and up to 99 levels of intensity. It uses a rechargeable controller that also works with Slendertone Abs7 and Arm garments.

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Slendertone Bottom firms, tightens and tones the bottom area from 4 to 6 weeks. It delivers its impressive results by working the three most important muscles for the bottom--gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. Using Slendertone Bottom for just 30 minutes is as effective as completing 60 reversed leg lifts while you are at work virtually anywhere and anytime. 



    • Targeted muscle training on all your bottom muscles (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) and not only those underneath the pads.  
    •  Includes 4 training programs: Beginner (15 Min), Intermediate (20 Min), Advanced (25 Min) and Expert (30 Min).


    • Intensity levels ranging from 0-99 meaning you can create your own workout training your bottom muscles in your own way.
    • The best part is that you can use it whenever you want. You can be toning your butt and legs while you are: putting on your make up, making dinner, watching TV, folding laundry, helping the kids with their homework, taking a walk, surfing the net or even while you are at work virtually anywhere and anytime.


    • Easy to operate controller. Rechargeable in just three hours.
    • The controller can also be used with Slendertone Abs7 and Slendertone Arms garments, sold separately. For all your body toning needs.


    • Slendertone's exclusive, patented Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology ensures all abdominal muscles contract deep into the muscles - not only those under pads
    • Slendertone works your complete bottom musculature across the gluteus and upper thighs..
    • A 30 minute session with Bottom, 5 times a week = completing 60 reversed leg lifts x2
    • Clinical Research
    • When used 5 times per week across 4 weeks, clinical research, led by Dr John Porcari at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, concluded:

      • 9 out of 10 users reported an improvement in their bottom shape.
      • 8 out of 10 users reported that their clothes felt looser.
      • 7 out of 10 users reported a more uplifted, well-defined bottom.
      • Users completed the equivalent of 1,200 reverse leg lifts. A 30-minute Slendertone bottom session is as effective as 60 reverse leg lifts.
      • Reverse leg lifts have been proven by experts to be the best glutes exercise to reshape, tighten and tone the bottom.

How It Works ?

Follow these easy steps to get the most our of your Slendertone Bottom Toner:

  • Tone 5 times each week for 4-8 weeks or until you achieve the desired firmness.
  • Use 2-3 times a week afterwards to maintain bottom tone and lift.
  • Replace your gel pads after 20-30 sessions for optimal levels of effectiveness and comfort.