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Philips Lumea IPL SC2009

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➢ Around 88,000 UK women staying hair-free with Lumea
➢ Effective: Up to 75% reduction in hair regrowth in just 8 weeks
➢ Fast, Safe and easy to use for efficient treatment
➢ Convenient: Upgraded Salon IPL technology for home use
➢ Cordless, no lamps, gels or accessories needed
➢ Five settings - for almost all skin tones and hair colours
➢ Three attachments for a tailored solution for your body, face and bikini

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Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009



 Only suitable for female facial use below the cheek bone. Men should not use it on their face due to the density of facial hair.

Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009

Easy, long-term hair reduction to prevent hair regrowth for smooth skin at home

For use on body, bikini and face
15 minutes to treat lower legs
Lifetime >250,000 light pulses
Cordeless design

Enjoy smooth skin every day

Philips Lumea applies gentle pulses of light to the hair root. As a consequence, the amount of hair your body grows gradually decreases. Repeating the treatment leaves your skin beautifully hair free and touchably smooth.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009 Effortlessly effective

Our clinical studies have shown significant hair reduction in as little as four bi-weekly treatments resulting in smooth hair-free skin. To maintain these results, simply repeat the treatment when needed. Time between treatments may vary based on your individual hair regrowth.
Adapted for safe use in the comfort of your own home

Philips Lumea uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons. Philips has adapted this technology for safe and effective use in the comfort of your own home. Philips worked closely with leading dermatologists to develop our breakthrough hair removal system. For more than 10 years we carried out extensive consumer research with more than 2000 women.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc1985
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009 Five adjustable light energy settings

Philips Lumea has five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. Used correctly, Philips Lumea's IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas.
Facial attachment for safe facial treatment

The facial attachment has its own specially designed integrated light filter for safe and convenient use on the upper lip, chin and sideburns. It can also be used on other sensitive areas of the body, e.g. underarms and other hard-to-reach areas.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009 Attachment for specialised treatment of bikini area hair

Bikini area attachment for effective treatment of bikini hair. Hair in this area tends to be typically stronger and thicker than leg hair.
Safe and effective even on sensitive areas

Use with confidence to remove hair on the face (upper lip, chin) and body parts including legs, underarms, bikini area, belly and arms.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009 No replacement parts, no hidden costs

Philips Lumea is a complete solution that comes ready to work straight out of the box. More importantly, it does not require any replacement lamps or gels.
Large treatment window for fast application

Big treatment window for fast application on large areas like legs.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009 Cordless Convenience

Lumea's unique cordless design is perfect for treating the areas you want, when you want.
Philips Lumea IPL Sc2009

How It Works ?

How to Use

Step 1
Remove excess hair by shaving, epilating or waxing the area before the first treatment.

Step 2
Select the correct intensity level for your skin tone using the provided skin chart.

Step 3
Turn the unit on and press the Lumea to your skin. Wait for the flash light to turn on and press the button.

Step 4
Slowly slide the Lumea across the treatment area. Avoid flashing the same spot.

How IPL works

With IPL technology, gentle pulses of light are applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair root. The darker the hair, the better the pulses of light are absorbed.

The pulses of light stimulate the hair follicle to go into a resting phase. As a consequence, the hair sheds naturally and hair regrowth is prevented, leaving your skin continuously silky-smooth.

The cycle of hair growth consists of different phases. IPL technology is only effective when the hair is in its growing phase. Not all hairs are in the growing phase at the same time. This is why we recommend an 8-week treatment schedule followed by touch-ups to make sure all hairs are effectively treated in the growing phase.

Note: Treatment with Lumea is not effective if you have light blond, blond as light hairs do not absorb enough light. Below you can see the hair colors for which Lumea is suitable and effective.

What to expect
Immediately after the 1st treatment
After the first treatment, it can take 1 to 2 weeks for the hairs to fall out. In the first weeks following the initial treatments, you still see some hairs growing. These are likely to be hairs that were not in their growing phase during the first treatments.

After 2-3 treatments
After 2-3 treatments, you should see a noticeable reduction in hair growth. However, to effectively treat all hairs, it is important to keep on treating according to the recommended treatment schedule.

After 4-5 treatments
After 4-5 treatments, you should see a significant reduction of hair growth in the areas that you treated with Lumea. A reduction of hair density should be visible as well. Keep on treating with frequent touch-ups (every 4-8 weeks) to maintain the result.

Important Note : Result may be vary person to person depending on the skin tone, hair colour, growth and thickness of hair.


Technical Specifications

Cartridge Lamp
High Performance Lamp
Delivers > 250,000 flashes
Product Included
Philips Lumea SC2009
Multi voltage charger
Instructions for use
User Manual
Luxurious Pouch
Cleaning Cloth
Application areas
Face areas
  • Chin
  • Sideburns
  • Upper Lip
Body areas
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Belly
Sensitive Areas
  • Underarms
  • Bikini
Technical specs. Attachments
Body attachment
For use below the neckline
Window Size: 4 cm2
Bikini Area attachment
Special treatment bikini hair
Window Size: 2 cm2
Facial attachment
For safe application on face
Window Size: 2 cm2
Application mode
Corded / cordless use
Slide and Flash
For convenient application
Stamp and Flash
For treatment on curvy areas
Safety and adjustable settings
Integrated UV filter
Protects skin from UV light
5 light energy settings
Adjustable to your skin type
Integrated safety system
Prevent unintentional flashing
Suitable For
Hair Colour/Skin Tone
Unisex - Skin Type 1-5, Hair Colour 1-4
( Refer to skin chart in the Description )
2 years global warranty
100-240 V ( Suitable to use anywhere in the world )



Is Lumea IPL hair removal suitable for me?
Philips Lumea Prestige works effectively, easily, and safely on a wide variety of hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blond, brown and black coloured hairs and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL hair removal based treatments, Philips Lumea cannot be used to treat white / grey, light blond or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin*. This is due to the high contrast required between the pigment in hair colour and pigment in the skin tone.

Why do you need the Philips Lumea facial attachment?
Light from an IPL flash is white; white light is made up of all colours. Only orange, red and infrared light penetrate the hair follicle deep enough for effective hair reduction. Lumea’s red integrated UV filters protect your skin from UV light.

Certain Lumea models contain additional filters for body and face treatments. The facial attachments UV filter provides extra protection and prevents skin damage to the face. The facial attachment should only be used to treat unwanted hair on cheeks, upper lip and chin, this attachment has been designed to treat the facial hair safely and effectively.

Should i have to prepare my skin before treatment?
Pretreating your skin - Before you use Lumea, you should pretreat your skin by removing hairs on the surface of your skin. This allows the light to be absorbed by the hair parts below the skin surface to ensure effective treatment. You can either shave, short-trim, epilate or wax. Do not use depilatory creams, as chemicals may cause skin reactions.  

If you chose to wax, please wait 24 hours before using Lumea to let your skin rest. We recommend that you take a shower before the treatment to ensure that all possible residue of wax has been removed from your skin.
1 Pretreat the areas you intend to treat with Lumea.
2 Clean your skin and make sure it is hair-free, entirely dry and free from oily substances.

Note: Once the hairs stop growing back, which usually happens after 4-5 treatments, you no longer have to pretreat your skin before you use the device.

Should i perform skin test before using Lumea?
When you use Lumea for the first time or after recent tanning, perform a skin test on each area to be treated. The skin test is necessary to check your skin's reaction to he treatment and to determine the correct light intensity setting for each body area.
1 Choose an area close to the area you intend to treat.
2 Turn on the device. Make sure you select setting 1.
3 Put the device against your skin and press the flash button to release a flash.
4 Slide the device over the skin to the next area to be treated.
5 Increase the setting by one level, apply a flash and slide the device to the next area. Repeat this for all levels within the recommended range for your skin type.
6 After the skin test, wait 24 hours and check your skin for any reaction. If your skin shows reactions, choose the highest setting that did not result in any skin reaction for subsequent use.

How do i place and remove attachments?
Placing and removing
To place the attachment, simply snap it onto the light exit window.
To remove the attachment, pull it off the light exit window.

How do i use attachments?
Body attachment
You can use the body attachment to treat unwanted hair on several body areas below the neckline. You can use it for example for fast treatment of larger areas like legs.

Facial attachment
The facial attachment includes an additional integrated light filter for extra safety and you can therefore use it to treat unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, chin and deburns.
- Do not treat your eyebrows with Lumea.
- When you treat the area above your upper lip, be careful that you do not flash on the lip

Bikini area attachment
The bikini area attachment has a special filter for treating the coarser hair in the bikini area.

How often i should use Lumea?
Initial phase
For the first 4 to 5 treatments, we advise you to use Philips Lumea once every two weeks to ensure that all hairs are treated.

Touch-up phase
After the initial treatment phase (4-5 treatments), we recommend touch-ups every 4 to 8 weeks, when you see hairs growing back. This is to maintain results and enjoy smooth skin for months.
The time between treatments may vary based on your individual hair regrowth and also across different body areas.

Is there any common skin reaction after treatment?
Your skin may show slight redness and/or may prickle, tingle or feel warm. This reaction is absolutely harmless and disappears quickly. Dry skin and itching may occur due to shaving or a combination of shaving and light treatment. You can cool the area with an ice pack or a wet face cloth. If dryness persists, you can apply a non-scented moisturizer on the treated area 24 hours after the treatment.

After use, you can safely apply lotions, creams, deodorant, moisturizer or cosmetics to the treated areas. If you experience skin irritation or skin redness after treatment, wait until it disappears before applying any product to your skin. If you experience skin irritation after applying a product to your skin, wash it off with water.