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Rio YES LED Laser

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➢  Permanently reduces hairs
➢  Treats up to 60 hairs in a matter of seconds
➢  Can be used to treat individual hairs
➢  Advanced LCD display
➢  Not suitable for use on those with dark skin tones
➢  Not suitable for red, light blonde, grey or white hair
➢  Rio Yes Laser Home Hair Removal with LCD Screen

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Rio Yes Laser Hair Remover 

Yes Laser Hair Remover works by sending a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to permanently disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. The result is permanent hair reduction.

Simple to use, laser hair removal is suitable for unwanted face or body hair and features two treatment modes, one treats individual hairs, the other scans larger areas treating up to 60 hairs* in just a few seconds. Now with advanced LCD display, making permanent hair reduction easier than ever.

*Scanned treatment area of facial hair


➢ Treats up to 60 hairs in a few seconds*
LCD display
Suitable for face and body
Permanently disables hair root
808nm pulsed laser


Laser hair removal explained

 Skin and hair contains a natural pigment called melanin. The level of melanin in your skin is the primary determinant of your skin colour, and is responsible for causing skin to tan during sun exposure. Both skin and hair follicles contain different concentrations of melanin. Lasers work by delivering an intense beam of light made up of a single wavelength. Yes Laser operates at a wavelength that selectively targets the melanin in the hair follicle, causing the hair follicle to absorb the laser energy. The laser energy absorbed results in the rapid heating of the hair follicle. This heat destroys the cells responsible for hair growth. If adequate heating is achieved, the follicle is permanently disabled resulting in permanent hair reduction. The skin remains unaffected as it is essentially transparent to light in this wavelength range. It is only possible to treat a hair follicle when there is a hair present and the best results are achieved when the hair is actively growing. For permanent hair reduction six treatments are recommended over a six month period. Occasional touch up treatments may be required for stubborn hairs.

Suitable skin types

 Laser hair removal is not suitable for Afro-Caribbean, black skin complexions or for grey hair.

The table below shows which skin types are suitable and if so, which power levels should be used.

 Treatment modes

 The treatment modes sequentially target single hairs in each treatment.

 What you should expect to feel

 You may feel individual hairs being treated, which is like a mild pin prick, and a slight warming of the area being treated. However, most people dont feel anything.

How It Works ?

How to Use

1. Connect mains adapter lead into the power socket at the back of the unit and plug into the mains.

2. Use the security key to unlock the unit.

3. Enter the security code sequence. The OK tick and the multiple hair mode symbols will display. The unit will be on power level 1 and the enable button will flash .

4. Use the +/- buttons to select the correct power level for your skin type. Refer to the power level guide to determine what level is suitable for your skin type.

5. If you wish to select the single hair mode, press the mode button

6. Press the enable button, the blue light around the button will stop flashing.

7. Place the wand onto the skin over the area you wish to treat ensuring the touch pins are in contact with the skin. Yes Laser has a skin detect feature; when the wand is correctly positioned a constant white skin detect/treatment light will illuminate at the front.

8. Press and HOLD the treatment button to start the laser treatment. The white treatment light will flash to indicate the laser treatment is in progress, the selected treatment mode will flash and the unit will beep repeatedly. When the laser treatment is complete, the white light will stopping flashing and the selected treatment mode will stop flashing. You can now move onto the next area of hairs to be treated. When moving the wand to the next area of hairs the touch pins must be removed briefly from the skin.

9. Turn off and lock the unit with the security key. Unplug the unit, remove the key and store separately. Store away from children. Note: If no buttons are pressed after 20 minutes the unit will enter standby mode. To restart, turn key off and on again.


How should I prepare my skin?
Laser hair removal does not require any special skin preparations, although you should always ensure your skin is clean. Laser hair removal is most effective on pale skin so we recommend avoiding sunbathing, sun beds and fake tanning if possible.

How should I prepare the hairs?
Shave the areas to be treated. This ensures the laser goes directly to the hair root and avoids hair burning on the surface.

What areas can I treat?
Most body hair can be treated using Laser Hair Removal - the most common areas are the face, underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line. We do NOT recommend using Yes Laser on eyebrows.
Can I use laser hair removal on sensitive skin?
Yes, the laser reacts with the  hair, so the surrounding skin will not be affected.


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