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Tanda Me Touch Epilator Attachment

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  • Epilator attachment for Tanda Me Touch Pro MePlus Hair removal unit - effective permanent laser hair removal

  • Shave to remove hair before treating with the combination of IPL and RF penetrates deeper into the skin

  • Up to 89% hair reduction after 4 treatments

  • Precisely targets the hair follicle

  • No need for gels or creams

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It’s important to properly prepare the skin for your Tanda treatment by removing the hair from the surface of your skin. If you have fair hair (i.e. blond, dark blond or red hair) it is recommended that you epilate, wax or use the Tanda Epilator Cartridge prior to treating your skin. The Tanda is the only device that enables you to prep and treat your skin at the same time. Just snap the epilator accessory on the main applicator so you can epilate and treat in one smooth, easy motion.


- Prep and treat your skin at the same time

For use with:

- Tanda device

- Additional accessories: Quartz Replacement Cartridge


Do not use the epilator attachment on your face.

Use gently—do not press down too strongly on skin with the epilator.

Pull skin taut when using the epilator.

Product Description

About the mePlus hair removal system: The New Tanda system is intended for long-term hair removal. The Tanda system is easy to use without assistance, and in the convenience of your own home. The system is intended for both women and men with Fitzpatrick skin tones I-V (see Instruction booklet for further details to evaluate whether your skin type can be treated). The system is designed for the removal of hair from all body parts including the Face. The New Tanda system is powered by elos™(Electro-Optical Synergy), clinically proven, gold standard technology that uses low energy pulsed light together with gentle radio frequency (RF).

Tanda treatment procedure. Choosing your configuration: Tanda recommends that you integrate your tried-and-tested hair removing habits with your new mesystem: If you are used to using a razor you can shave the treated area before using the elos cartridge only. Maintain the time of treatment and protocol as follows: For effective results, meshould be used for approximately the amount of time indicated for each body area. 1 minute per underarm, 2 minutes bikini area, 3 minutes per arm, 10 minutes per full leg.

If you are used to using an epilator, you can now use the system with the elos and epilator cartridges. If you are used to any combination of shaving or epilating in different areas of your body, use the mesystem in the same method. When treating light hair, it is recommended to use the elos+ epilator combination for higher efficacy.

NB: Hair reduction results may be subject to variation. Please read the entire user guide and watch the instructional DVD (online) before using the system for the first time. It is recommended to keep the guide in a safe place for future referrals and to re-familiarise yourself with this user guide prior to each use of me.

Box Contains

1 x Epilator attachment; Instructions for use

How It Works ?

How to install the epilator cartridge:

Step 1: Make sure that the Tanda device is turned off.
Step 2: Remove the accessory’s protective cap.
Step 3: Slide the shaver cartridge onto the applicator until clicks into place.
Step 4: Turn on your Tanda device.
Step 5: Press the accessory activation button.

How to use the epilator cartridge:

Step 1: Make sure that the Tanda device is turned off.
Step 2: Select your epilating speed.
- Press the accessory activation button once for low speed
- Press the accessory activation button twice for high speed
Step 3: Use your free hand to stretch the skin of the area you are treating taut so that the hair stands upright.
Step 4: Gently press the epilator against the treatment area and move it slowly against the direction of hair growth.
Step 5: Your skin may be slightly red afterwards. This is normal and should subside quickly.