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Tria Calming Gel

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SmoothStart Calming Gel features Boerhavia diffusa root extract and other key ingredients needed to comfort and soothe skin while treating with the Hair Removal Laser 4X.

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Tria SmoothStart Soothing Calming Gel
Before each Hair Removal Laser 4X treatment, start with SmoothStart Calming Gel to keep skin cool and comfortable. Featuring an Indian plant extract with anti-inflammatory properties, SmoothStart Calming Gel may help diminish the sensation of the laser treatment on higher levels for best results.
This soothing gel preps, comforts, and cools skin prior to using your Tria Hair Removal Laser, helping to speed results while smoothing skin during treatments. You will get a more pleasant laser hair removal experience at home with permanent results, and skin will be left soft and moisturized.
Smooth Results
Indian plant extracts help soothe even sensitive skin
• Helps diminish sensation of laser for treatment on higher levels for best results
• Comforts, calms and cools skin during treatment
• Easy to apply with no need to rinse off

How It Works ?

How to Use
Before and after using your Hair Removal Laser 4X, use the SmoothStart Calming Gel to soothe skin and help diminish the sensation of the laser treatment.
-Use on clean-shaven skin.
-Liberally apply to one palm-sized section at a time within the desired treatment area.
-Immediately treat that section with your Tria Hair Removal Laser.
-Repeat as you continue your treatment.
-Do not rinse off. 


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